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Adding a new energy vehicle charging system to the campus can not only provide convenience for faculty and staff but is also an important measure to promote green transportation and reduce carbon emissions.

With the popularization of new energy vehicles, the construction of campus charging system has become a problem that needs to be solved urgently. At the same time, it will improve the overall image and competitiveness of the campus. FACE has extensive experience in assisting schools in the construction of charging measures, and understands the need for schools to calculate the electricity usage of teachers and staff in order to collect fees, and at the same time provide safe and reliable charging solutions to the relevant departments for approval.

We sincerely invite your school to contact us for a campus charging construction inspection, and we are happy to provide a free charging construction consultation and power evaluation for the school. FACE is committed to making an impact on the development of environmental protection.

We understand that schools should consider safety, cost and billing system to comply with the EDB's guidelines when installing chargers. Please contact JT FACE for your school visit and provide a plan

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Charge-sharing system

Coming soon, stay tuned

Sharing EV Charging Infrastructure and system

A new era of private premises charging and sharing

We are committed to researching systems and technologies to launch charging and sharing devices and charging systems for private premises in the second half of the year at the earliest, so as to solve the current problem of insufficient EV charging facilities at the same venue and usher in the era of rapid growth of electric vehicles. Let more car owners drive electric vehicles without worry, and no longer be troubled by charging problems.

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