Charger Installation - Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the location and solution, the installation process of an EV charger may vary slightly, but it can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Engineers conducted a site visit to assess whether the surrounding environment was suitable for the installation of EV charging facilities.
  2. Review your power needs. If necessary, arrange to apply for additional electricity supply from the power company for EV charging.
  3. Laying power lines, installing switches and related safety facilities.
  4. Install an EV charger. If necessary, install anti-theft and waterproof boxes at the same time.
  5. After inspecting the environment on site, the price will be directly quoted to the owner according to the list of installation requirements as needed.

As an EV owner, it’s best to have a private charging spot of course. However, due to various reasons such as ownership, management, etc., not all parking locations can be equipped with private EV chargers.

In general, here are the places where you can definitely install a private EV charger:

Village house or private property where parking is located in front of or inside the house
Private land or property (e.g. industrial and commercial land, factory buildings, etc.)
The following locations can be installed, but communication with other owners is required:

Village House Common Parking (Communicate with the Village Chief or Owner)
Open-air (commonly known as rotten ground) car park (need to communicate with the owner)
Buy a parking space (need to communicate with the major owner)
For general rental of parking spaces, residential estates, etc., it is generally necessary to obtain the consent of the owners’ corporation to provide charging solutions for the entire car park. You may contact the relevant OCs and individuals to inquire about the possibility of installing EV chargers. We also provide charging solutions for residential estates, commercial vehicles, and large electric vehicles; please contact us for details.

In general, the total cost of installing a private EV charger is between HK$20,000 and HK$30,000. However, if it is necessary to lay additional wiring, change the existing electrical installation, etc., the cost will be higher.

We are a source installation contractor, not an intermediary, so we can install home EV chargers at close to half the market price, and also provide special maintenance.

  • Dedicated door-to-door inspection
  • 20 meters of foundation cabling included
  • IndependenceFuse (32A Fuse)  Single-phase/Three-Phase
  • Independent switching system
  • The Spanish brand  Wallbox  medium-speed charger is installed in a connection

Quality Assurance:

  • Single-phase 7kW / three-phase 11kW /   three-phase 22kW  at the same price
  • The engineer will install the maximum charging power for you according to the power supply
  • The charger is 2 years of maintenance  (non-man-made damage), and the charger is replaced one by one during the warranty period

The team of experienced electricians is responsible for:

  • It has been installed more than 1800 times
  • Registered Electrical Contractor
  • Registered Electrical Mechanic in Hong Kong
  • 5 years of experience in related engineering projects
  • Appointed installation contractor for electric vehicles

Technically, we can provide additional infrastructure, wiring and installation services. However, the outcome will depend on whether the owners’ committee and the management office of the estate\building approve the addition of new parking spaces and cooperate with the application to the power company for increasing the amount of electricity.

If there are quite a number of prospective car owners who want to install chargers, they can communicate their intentions with the management office and the property committee, get approval, and apply to the power company to increase the power company, and we can assist in applying for meters, infrastructure, cables, installation and charger maintenance services.

(Note: The arrangement of increasing electricity requires the approval of the power company and will incur certain costs, so please pay attention to this)

If the interior of the village house is single-phase, it will only be installed according to the single-phase.

The charger itself is waterproof and dustproof, and generally wet water will not affect the charging safety, of course, it is not recommended to spray the charging connection directly with a water gun.

Of course, the wind, yellow, red, black rain try not to charge! It’s 😅 dangerous to go out on your own!

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