Eye-catching discharge power strips
It is safe to be electrified

It’s rare to install it on the charger

The reason is only to charge the car and sizzle-

EV charger discharge power switch socket conversion
EV charger discharge power switch socket conversion

Senior power engineer Jason

Charging equipment installation by Jason, a senior engineer

Cert of CE
EV charger discharge power switch socket conversion
TYPE 2 充電機

Conspicuous discharge strip (plug-in charger discharge)

General purpose

Vacuum cleaners, steam engines and water guns can be used to clean the inside and outside of the tram at the parking spaces. When the charger is not in use, it can be used to play the side stove outdoors or at an outdoor party, and use the stereo, bright lights, and play projection

Special Purpose

The most surprising feature is the ability to charge 2 cars at the same time. This is our product designed for owners of 2 cars

How to use:

Directly plug in the charging gun interface, press the switch on the extension board, and the power can be on

Discharge carriage specifications

5 meters European standard seven-hole discharge gun, British standard carriage | Dual sockets can be used at the same time, one socket 16a | Flame Barrier Rating : UL91V-0 | Conductive pinhole : copper alloy, silver plating | Sealing material : rubber, silicone | Operating Power : ≤2.5kW | Rated voltage : AC220V | Insulation Resistance : >1000MΩ | Coupling Plugging : ≤100N | 10,000 times of no-load plugging and unplugging> | Protection Rating : IP55 | Ambient temperature : -30°C - +50°C

Essential charger upgrade accessory

Pre-orders for the first 100 units are open for pre-order until January 30. It will be sent in mid-February.

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$ 980
  • EU CE certificate charger discharge British standard carriage
  • The product is guaranteed for one year
  • Free shipping throughout Hong Kong

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Sharing EV Charging Infrastructure and system

A new era of private premises charging

We are committed to researching systems and technologies to meet the rapid growth of electric vehicles.
Let more car owners drive electric vehicles without worry, and no longer be troubled by charging problems.

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